This Week in Disney: Possible Guardians ride patent, coaster graveyard, Disney Dream, and a baby giraffe

ride patent

There’s been a lot going on at Disney Parks this week, so let’s dive in.

New today, a reporter from the Orlando Business Journal unearthed a new patent application that may be for Epcot’s future Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.

Check out Robert Niles’ analysis here. Personally I think this sounds like a beefed up version of the Forbidden Journey ride system.

RIP, DisneyQuest. Signage came down this week, making way for the NBA Experience, first announced way back in 2015.

Over at Universal, the track for Dragon Challenge got a very undignified burial in an nondescript junkyard. To those who had wondered if the coaster would be repurposed elsewhere: Nope.

Things got a little rough at sea on the Disney Dream this week when the ship backed into a dock in Nassau. Oops! Damage was fortunately minimal and no changes have been made to the ship’s itinerary.

The best part of this video is probably the commentary from the guy shooting it. Salty language ahoy! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

We all know that major changes will be coming to Disneyland Paris now that the Walt Disney Co. has full ownership, but the details are a mystery. Test balloons were spotted over Chaparral Theater this week indicating a pretty big construction project on the horizon.

And finally, because if you don’t love baby animals you’re a monster, there’s a new baby giraffe in the family at Animal Kingdom Lodge! Welcome to the world, Gemma.