Ratatouille joining France pavilion, updates to Reflections of China

France Pavilion Ratatouille expansion concept art
Concept art of the expanded France Pavilion with Ratatouille: The Adventure. Courtesy of Disney.

The D23 Expo brought many announcements for Epcot, and Future World isn’t the only area slated for big changes.

An attraction based on Ratatouille: The Adventure, the popular trackless dark ride from Walt Disney Studios park in Paris, is coming to the France Pavilion in the World Showcase. We just had the pleasure of taking a spin on the original attraction this spring, and we’re excited to see this entertaining attraction come to Epcot. According to the current concept art, the attraction will be called Kitchen Calamity in Florida.

What was most exciting about the announcement, much like the TRON announcement for Magic Kingdom, is that it appears the new Ratatouille attraction may come without losing another. Bob Chapek said Ratatouille will be built in “an entirely new area, right past the Eiffel Tower.” Without trying to dissect the concept art too much, we’re hoping this means Impressions de France is safe from the axe. Ratatoille will certainly inject more life into the pavilion, and draw more families to back corner of the park.

Tom Fitzgerald and Bob Chapek discuss Epcot's China Pavilion
Tom Fitzgerald and Bob Chapek discuss the new Circle-Vision film coming to Epcot’s China Pavilion. Courtesy of Disney.

A few countries away in the China Pavilion, a new film is coming for Reflections of China. Disney is filming what will be the first seamless Circle-Vision show with a “next-generation digital camera system” developed by Disney, according to Tom Fitzgerald from Walt Disney Imagineering.

Chapek said, “I promise you this is just a glimpse of what we have planned for World Showcase, so stay tuned because there’s much more to come.” Could we finally get the first new pavilion since Norway in 1988? We’ll have to wait and see there, but we certainly have plenty to look forward to already.