Stranger Things returns for Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Poster for Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights house featuring Vecna, Eleven, Max, and more.

Stranger Things fans are getting their wish at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights as the Netflix series’s iconic fourth season will be the focus of a house at the 2023 events at both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Vecna, the villain revealed in season four, will be coming to invade guests minds and send them through his horrifying scenes in the show. Hopefully we’ll get to hear a little “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush and “Master of Puppets” by Metallica as well. Those iconic moments would be difficult to skip in the house.

Watch the teaser for the house below.

Stranger Things first landed at Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts in 2018, with a follow-up in 2019 featuring the show’s third season. The houses were a hit, and since the show’s fourth season aired in 2022, fans have been waiting for a new house, especially considering the darker tone of the fourth season.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on September 1 in Orlando and September 7 in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now.