Pixar Play Parade will return in April with three new elements

Pixar Play Parade concept art Luxo lamp ball
Concept art for the updated Pixar Play Parade featuring the famous ball and Luxo, the lamp.

Disney kicked off its 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas today by sharing new info on the Pixar Play Parade returning to Disneyland on April 13. Each day will bring an announcement of new features and offerings coming to Disney parks around the world.

Three new elements will be added to the parade, starting with Luxo, the iconic Pixar lamp, and the famous Pixar ball kicking off the party. The lamp will sit atop a pedestal emblazoned with PIXAR FEST, the name of Disneyland’s big Pixar push for 2018.

Pixar Play Parade concept art Up
Russel, Kevin, Carl and Dug from Up will join the Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland this spring.

The second new element is from the beloved film Up. Russell, Carl, Dug and Kevin will all be there, and it looks like Carl’s house will be floating above the parade unit.

And finally, Inside Out will be added to the parade as Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong (my personal favorite) arrive in the famous red rocket wagon atop a pile of memory orbs.

Pixar Play Parade concept art Inside Out
Concept art for the new Inside Out element to be featured in the updated Pixar Play Parade.

Check out more information on Pixar Fest coming to the Disneyland Resort next year in this post. Are you excited about these additions to the Pixar Play Parade?