Epcot’s Future World is getting a major overhaul

Epcot Future World concept art
Concept art for an updated Future World at Epcot.

With all the big changes coming to Epcot in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, it makes perfect sense that in the process of adding new attractions and updating others, Future World will finally get a fresh look.

Blue sky concept art shown during the D23 Expo shows a much greener vision for Future World. There are a lot more trees which gives hope that shade might finally be more abundant as you criss cross the park or make your way to the World Showcase. I’ve always found walking through Future World in the Florida sun to be one of the more brutal walks in the resort.

It’s hard to get a grasp on what’s going on the concept art as it all looks radically different. The area behind Spaceship Earth, currently home to Innoventions, the fountain, Mouse Gear, and more, looks more like a park in the new art. Presumably some of the shops and restaurants would remain and may be hidden by the many trees shown in the concept art. It feels like the artists purposely tried to draw attention away from these buildings in this rendering.

The big structure just inside the monorail track is incredibly interesting and appears to be surrounded by fountains in the water. In fact, there appear to be quite a few fountains when you look closely throughout the art, particularly on the side towards the Land and Seas. There are also two donut-shaped structures on the right side of the art that shared some aesthetic similarities with the look of the TRON attraction.

I could continue to speculate, but it’s just that—speculation. Hopefully these incredible-looking changes, which received a wide round of oohs during the D23 parks panel, won’t get scaled back and these changes will make Future World feel more timeless and optimistic.

This will be an exciting transformation to watch happen, but also incredibly intrusive. One would assume that the changes will come in phases as to keep the area as functional as they can during the transition. How soon do you think these changes will start? I think they can’t get started soon enough.


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