Disney Treasure launching in 2024, Australia, New Zealand cruises coming

Disney Treasure Grand Hall concept art
Concept art for the Grand Hall of the Disney Treasure.

The D23 Expo brought an exciting update for Disney Cruise Line’s previously announced three new ships. The first, the Disney Wish, launched this year. The next ship, named the Disney Treasure, is set to launch in 2024. There was no news on ship three.

Not much info was given about the Treasure other than a concept art for atrium which will feature a statue of Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Magic Carpet. The design of the ship is said to be inspired “the theme of adventure, celebrating Walt Disney’s lifelong love of exploration.” The blue and gold color palate of the Grand Hall is quite striking.

Concept art for the Disney Treasure cruise ship
Concept art for the Disney Treasure cruise ship.

In addition to the new ship, Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro also announced that the Disney Wonder will be sailing from Australia and New Zealand for a limited time starting in late October 2023.

Additionally, there will be special repositioning cruises for the Wonder in the South Pacific featuring destinations like Fiji and Samoa. More details on these cruises should be coming soon.

And last but not least, D’Amaro also confirmed that plans are moving forward for Disney’s second private island in the Bahamas, Lighthouse Point. He shared new concept art for what appears to possibly be the sort of the hub, with dining, a splash zone, shopping, and more pictured. D’Amaro noted that Disney is working with local artists to properly represent Bahamian culture. It’s also noteworthy that 90% of the island’s power usage will come from solar energy.

Concept art for Disney's Lighthouse Point island.
Concept art for Disney Cruise Line’s Lighthouse Point island.

It’ll be exciting to see all of this new cruise line news shake out. According to the MCU-style timeline shown at the Expo, Lighthouse Point is set to open in 2024. I’m honestly surprised the Treasure is set to launch so soon, also in 2024. Hopefully this ship won’t have the delays of the Wish.

Stay tuned for more breakdowns of the D23 Expo panel soon.