Funko announces Disneyland 65th anniversary series

Funko Pop toys Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney with Sleeping Beauty Castle
The Pop! Town sets featuring Sleeping Beauty Castle, one with Mickey Mouse and the other with Walt Disney.

Disneyland’s 65th anniversary sadly came and went this year with the Anaheim parks still closed, but that’s not keeping Disney from celebrating the anniversary with a new line of Funko collectibles. Let’s breakdown what is coming in the next few months.

The Casey Jr. Funko Ride train set celebrating Disneyland’s 65th anniversary.

The set that had been previously revealed during the week of Comic-Con is the Casey Jr. set. Donald Duck leads the charge followed by Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Pluto (Funko Shop exclusive), Dumbo, and Minnie Mouse (Amazon exclusive). If you’re an out-of-box collector they all connect and would make a great display piece.

The Matterhorn collection that’s part of Funko’s Disneyland 65th anniversary collection.

Then there’s the Matterhorn set which includes Donald Duck in a bobsled vehicle as well as individual Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Pops in their mountain climbing gear, complete with pickaxes. Closing out the set is a Mickey in bobsled PocketPop keychain.

Next up there are two Sleeping Beauty Castle sets that are easily going to be collectibles most Disney fans will want. The Pop! Town sets each include a large castle, one with bandleader Mickey and one Walt Disney himself holding a Mickey Mouse toy. The Walt one is a Disney Parks exclusive.

The mini vinyl Disneyland ride vehicle collection being released as part of the Disneyland 65th anniversary collection.

There is a set of mini vinyl figures featuring characters in classic Disneyland ride vehicles. There’s Minnie and Goofy in a Dumbo vehicle, Mickey in a Matterhorn bobsled, Alice and the Cheshire Cat in teacups, and Peter Pan and Captain Hook in Peter Pan’s Flight boats.

The Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop! set exclusive to Target and part of the Disneyland 65th anniversary collection.

And last but not least, there’s a set of Alice in Wonderland Pops that’ll be available exclusively at Target. There’s the Cheshire Cat, Alice, and then the Mad Hatter in a teacup.

But we’re not quite done yet. That’s it for what has been officially announced, but the back of the boxes in the Disneyland 65 collection also picture Pops of Peter Pan, Captain, and, wait for it, Mr. Toad (easily the one I want the most). The only previously released Mr. Toad Pop is from 2017 Summer Convention series and was limited to 1,500. It’s currently valued at $290, so it’ll be nice to be able to have an affordable Toad.

I know it’s hard to choose, but which of these new collectibles is your favorite?