Flights of Wonder to close, making way for Russel & Dug show

Russel Dug Up Animal Kingdom bird show
Russel and Dug will be the stars of a new bird show coming to Animal Kingdom in 2018.

As 2017 turns over to 2018, Animal Kingdom’s live bird show Flights of Wonder will close to make way for a new show featuring the characters Russel and Dug from the Pixar film Up. But fear not bird fans, the winged creatures will be sticking around for the new show.

The new show at the Caravan Theater will open spring 2018 and feature Russel and Dug discovering bird species from around the world. That’s all the details we have right now, but it’s safe to say Russel’s Wilderness Explorer skills will be on display throughout the show and Dug will be as adorable and easily distractible as ever.

Flights of Wonder has been around since Animal Kingdom opened in April of 1998. The final day to see the show will be December 31.

What do you think of Russel and Dug making their way into the Anandapur village for this new show?