Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood rolls out the greatest hits in 2021

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2021 header

Universal’s Orlando and Hollywood parks are taking a very different approach to Halloween Horror Nights this year. While Orlando is leaning heavily on original content, Universal Hollywood’s 2021 event is essentially a greatest hits of horror, bringing back a lot of iconic characters from years past.

Hollywood’s house lineup this year includes the Haunting of Hill House, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Exorcist, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, the Walking Dead, the Bride of Frankenstein Lives, the Curse of Pandora’s Box, and Terror Tram: The Ultimate Purge. As much as I’ve liked Universal Orlando’s original houses in previous years, after the past year and a half we’ve had, there’s a weird comfort that I believe these classic horror houses will bring after/during such a weird time.

Another upside to Universal Hollywood’s event this year is that there are actual safety protocols in place there. Guests are required to wear masks indoors in Hollywood thanks to local government rules. That’s a huge difference from Orlando’s honor system policy in which most guests just don’t wear masks at all. I want to be scared by the Horror Nights event itself, not worrying about whether the person behind me in Hill House is going to give me COVID.

Getting back to the Hollywood event itself, the Jabbawockeez are back for another live stage show. The scare zones this year are Universal Monsters: Silver Scream Queenz featuring female movie monsters, Chainsaw Rangers featuring, you guessed it, chainsaw wielding maniacs with grotesque animal masks, and Demon City where demons from hell have come to a new nightclub called Inferno.

Halloween Horror Nights starts on September 9 at Universal Studios Hollywood and runs on select nights through Halloween, October 31. Tickets are on sale now.

Here’s hoping next year we’ll see some new horror come to life in both Hollywood and Orlando as movie studios continue to rollout the backlog of horror films delayed from last year. The options for next year’s events should be plentiful.