Journey into the upside down at Halloween Horror Nights

Teaser image for Stranger Things at Halloween Horror Nights
Stranger Things is coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood in 2018.

Fresh on the heels of announcing the dates for the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, organizers have come out the gate swinging with the first house announcement.

Get ready to head into the upside down with the first Stranger Things house at both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood this fall. You can be sure you’ll run into the¬†Demogorgon as you make your way through this house.

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights September 14 to November 3 at Universal Orlando. The dates for Hollywood have not been announced yet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Stranger Things, so I’m really excited about this house coming to Halloween Horror Nights. How about you?