Updated dining revealed for Pixar Pier, carousel re-theme coming next year

Artist rendering of Jessie's Critter Carousel at Pixar Pier
Concept art for Jessie's Critter Carousel coming to Pixar Pier in 2019.

Disney has revealed details of the new dining options coming to Pixar Pier as well as details of the re-themed carousel, which is coming until next year.

First off, there will be Abominable Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats themed after the beloved friendly mountain dweller from Monsters, Inc. Folks are already freaking out about the lemon soft-serve pictured in the concept art, calling it “lemon Dole Whip.” The stand’s signature treat will be called “Don’t Worry, It’s Lemon,” and features lemon soft serve dipped in white chocolate. Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats replaces Paradise Pier Ice Cream, located on the boardwalk just past the Lamplight Lounge.

Artist rendering of Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats at Pixar Pier
Concept art for Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats at Pixar Pier.

Next up is Poultry Palace whose theming comes from the Pixar short Toy Story Toons: Small Fry. This will presumably serve chicken and fries like in the short. There will be a Fun Meal Zurg outside for photo ops. Watch the short HERE if you need a reminder. It looks like this location will likely be where Don Tomas: The Midway’s Best Bites was.

Artist rendering of Poultry Palace at Pixar Pier
Concept art of Poultry Palace coming to Pixar Pier this summer.

For the next snack stand, Buzz Lightyear has been switched into Spanish mode at Señor Buzz Churros. This will likely replace the existing churro stand across from Midway Mania.

Artist rendering of Señor Buzz Churros at Pixar Pier
Concept art for Señor Buzz Churros at Pixar Pier.

And last but not least, there is Angry Dogs, a hot dog vendor themed to Anger from Inside Out. This will likely replace the existing Hot Dog Hut a bit further down the boardwalk from Señor Buzz Churros.

Artist rendering of Angry Dogs at Pixar Pier
Concept art for Angry Dogs at Pixar Pier.

Finally, the re-theming of King Triton’s Carousel will not open until sometime in 2019. When it does open, it will be called Jessie’s Critter Carousel, and the “horses” will be a variety of Jessie’s critter friends from Woody’s Roundup. The critters will include a turtle, snake, buzzard, armadillo, bunny, deer, raccoon, ram, skunk, and even “two cozy logs inhabited by a family of owls.”

All of this theming will add some much needed vibrancy to the area, which is something we’ve said previously about the Pixar Pier changes, but the updates to these snack shacks appear to be a huge upgrade. What do you think about these new changes coming this summer and next year to the pier?