Imagineers reveal more details from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge shopping concept art
Concept art for a shopping location coming to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

To conclude the the 12 Days of Disney Parks announcements the company revealed info about the most anticipated land coming soon to both coasts, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The announcement coincided with a panel held at Hollywood Studios during the Star Wars Galactic Nights event last weekend.

Star Wars Toydarian
This is a Toydarian.

Though new information is minimal, they did share a few new details, photos and concept art with the attendees, and then also with the rest of us.

The shopping experience in the land will be heavily themed. Imagineers drew inspiration from markets in Istanbul and Marrakech, and stalls will feature wares from different sellers, including one run by a Toydarian who sells toys, featured in the concept art above. Some of the items that look handcrafted in the art will actually be available for purchase and some will be exclusive to Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars Galalxy's Edge Millennium Falcon corridor
A thoroughly detailed corridor of the Millennium Falcon that will be part of the attraction.

Additionally, Imagineers discussed turning this fantasy land into a place that feels real, like the Millennium Falcon corridor shot seen above. I mean, come on, that looks amazing and it’s essentially just a hallway.

Imagineering is also currently building a full fleet of X-wing starfighters for the land and shared a photo, seen below, of four of them in a warehouse.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge X-wing fleet
A fleet of X-wing starfighters currently being built for the land.

Even though only a few details were shared about the land, do these additional details make you more excited to visit the land in 2019 and beyond? For me the answer is a resounding yes.