Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York getting Marvel makeover

Concept art for the lobby of Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel. Courtesy of Disney.

Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris Resort is the next Disney project to get an overly long name. It will soon become Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel. The update was announced last month at the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

Since news came earlier this year that the Walt Disney Company had acquired Euro Disney, the company that controls Disneyland Paris Resort, fans of the park have been eagerly awaiting word of what sorely needed changes will come to the park in the coming years. While there are certainly plans being developed to help turn the park around — it’s quite beautiful but is operationally challenged and in need of updates — the D23 Expo only produced one item of note for the resort.

As you can see in the art, the hotel’s decor will become museum-like with displays featuring costumes and props from Marvel films and other displays showcasing both Marvel comics and the films.

Disneyland Paris Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel concept art
Concept art for the lobby of Hotel New York — The Art of Marvel. Courtesy of Disney.

The lobby will get a major overhaul, and you can see three iterations of the Iron Man suit as well as Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir) and Loki’s Chitauri Scepter. Art from the comics can be seen on the walls, but certainly all of this is subject to change.

I’m a big Marvel fan so I think this new hotel theming could be pretty rad but also classy and contemporary if done right. A themed land and attraction(s) would be even better, though. Walt Disney Studios Park is practically begging for Marvel to move in. Hopefully some of the $1.6 million Disney earmarked earlier this year to support DLP is used to turn the Studios around.

No target date has been given for the completion of the Art of Marvel conversion, but the hotel will likely close completely for a refurbishment of this scale. Do you like the changes coming to Hotel New York? What would you like to see Disneyland Paris focus on next?


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